Marketing copywriter

Trust Sourcing is looking for a freelance professional with a deep expertise in digital marketing within web/mobile application development technologies.


  • Excellent written and good spoken English;
  • Ability to write in different voices tailored to unique audiences including formal, informal and compelling content for social media, blogs and email to more formal, data-driven language for reports;
  • Awareness of user experience;
  • Experience working in Digital Marketing.

Crucial skills to have:

  • Creating easy-to-read content;
  • Making complex topics simple;
  • Writing great transitions;
  • Crafting compelling conclusions;
  • Selecting the best vocabulary words within a specific context;
  • Developing an attention-grabbing opener;
  • Using the correct style;
  • Headline creation.

All the copies have to fit within its cognitive and digital context.


  • Create compelling, original web content for landing pages, banners and emails in the brand voice (approachable, engaging, clear, contextual, customer-centered, action-oriented);
  • Create original and persuasive copy that promotes unique benefits/attributes and brand identity based on inputs;
  • Work with marketing team to edit and refine product descriptions;
  • Collaborate with design team to integrate copy into designs — create copy for product and UX;
  • Corporate website and marketing materials maintenance.


Elena Buzovska
Elena Buzovska
Sales and Marketing Manager