[Interview] The Next Web Conference 2016

Last week our developers, Alexey and Nick, came back from The Next Web Conference Europe and we decided to share their impressions with you about the most exciting moments from the event and their trip. 

TNW Europe 2016 – Europe’s leading tech festival: 20,000 attendees across 2 days. Speakers from Google, Facebook, Reddit, Uber, Basecamp etc. 6 speakers’ streams and 2 large exhibitions areas.

The Next Web conference 2016 Amsterdam

How did you know about the conference?

Haroon (CEO of Trust Sourcing – editor) has shared the information about this event with us and how it’s good for our professional growth.

The brightest impression from the conference?

A.: Conference had a casual spirit and was full of communication. When conference just started, Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, founder of TNW said that if someone noticed any issues (like toilet paper ran out) just “tweet” him.

N.: Very charismatic and full of expression and passion speaker – Nelly Ben Hayoun with her speech “Above and beyond: the design of the impossible”. No words to describe it, “must see” speech.

Name the most powerful speakers?

A.: Casey Neistat, filmmaker: Internet Famous: the Future of Media. And oOne of the best speakers, Jeff Jarvis, media: Death to the Mass! He showed how traditional media is now transforming into social media.

N.: Ryan Leslie, producer: The Birth of Personal Relationship Management

What ideas are worth to share?

A.: The main keynote from the conference heard from Google, Facebook and other speakers: Always solve real human problems and you’ll get money, fame, influence!

N.: Regarding design, it’s important to make a product that is working and easy to understand for regular people. Not obligatory it’s the most attractive one.

Example: the interface of Booking.com can be perceived as not very nice or not following latest design trends – but it’s working and people know how to use it!

In design team, it’s very important to have a leader and juniors who will follow and learn from him. That’s how you are building a world class design team, Andy Budd (Clearleft).

The Next Web conference 2016 Amsterdam

How such conferences are helpful for professional growth?

N.: Such conferences are very impactful! When you work, you are going deep into the daily routine, when you are going to visit such events – you have an opportunity to look at your work from the new side.

What would you like to try from conference’s ideas to your work/life?

A.: We heard the great idea from Basecamp’s speaker regarding chats and time to think: There should be the time when you are not looking at chat/instant messengers and take this time for strategic thinking and focuses on important tasks. Nowadays, everyone expects an answer from you within few seconds in any time of the day (night). However, it’s not effective and you should take some time to turn off info streams.

N.: To grow juniors for the team, even hire experts for some time to give juniors a boost.

The Next Web conference 2016 Amsterdam

What interesting start-ups  did you meet there?

N.: Usual thing for our country, but they just opened the first programming school in Amsterdam!

MathFreeOn – web interface for machine learning.

Floown – a calendar that tracks when you are busy and free to manage time in teams.

On such conferences, you feel yourself in the cross-cultural atmosphere full of innovations, you hear different thoughts from people around the world.  

What places are must-visit in Amsterdam? And what are the most exciting impressions about the city?

Must-visit – Bulldog area – the most famous district with lots of coffee shops!

Amsterdam is a beautiful city with nice architecture and nature, and it’s very clean.

In the center – it’s noisy and crowded. However, if you step away from the center – it’s very cozy and quiet.

Tesla taxi cabs are everywhere and the city is full of cyclists.

The Next Web conference 2016 Amsterdam

Elena Buzovska
Elena Buzovska
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